Welcome to Kalo Farms

Kalo Farms is a SUPER Market Farm Development Company focused on:

  • Growing & Providing SuperFood (vegetables, fruit, berries, meals, lunches, and snacks) that is SuperOrganic for a SuperYou!
  • Discovering SUPER New Ways for SuperFood movement for a SuperYou!
  • Growing SuperFood to include over 30 types of crops & over 300 varieties for a SuperYou!
  • Showing You SuperAwesome ways to use SuperOrganic food for real nutrition for a SuperYou or for your SuperAwesome Family!

Help US help You in sharing this process with other SuperAwesome people like YOURSELF!

KALO (K-ā-l-ō)

My name was given to me because I know I am: Excellent in my nature and characteristics, & therefore well adapted to my ends; Good in substance & nature to outwardly grow!




Kalo Farms SuperFeatures (Coming Soon!)

Kalo Farms SuperFeatures (Coming Soon!)

Healthy, Fresh, Super Organic

Healthy, Fresh, Super Organic

Kalo Farms understands: that food security, infectious diseases, environmental degradation, and education of nutrition for the human body are topics that all relate to having a very limited supply of SuperFood for SuperNutrition for a SuperYou!

Why? Many are suffering from certain dangerous diet deficiencies which can’t be remedied until the depleted soils from which our foods come are brought into proper mineral balance.

Kalo’s Concern?

  • There is a lack of “bio-diversity” in agriculture lacking minerals in our current food supply for you
  • Food distribution meets many middle points for you
  • There are 36,000 grocery stores operating throughout the USA while many are beginning, starting, in the process, or have shut down. Where will “fresh food” come from for you?

To meet the needs of the people, our focus is creating/growing mineral dense & high enzymatic food products for you while discovering new logistics of food movement. We will be producing vegetables & fruit, 30 crop types & over 300 varieties. *2019 Is the year to thrive. Kalo Farms will be producing SuperFood products for you, throughout the year! Thank you for visiting our website!

Follow us as we grow