Kalo’s Story

It all started on one acre in Perry County, MO in a super cool town full of heritage, Altenburg, MO. This is where Jeremy grew up and where Kalo intends to expand it’s business further within the area!
Three years ago Jeremy’s parents approached him, asking him how they could invest further into him & the future. Jeremy’s quick response, grow food! He didn’t just mean growing any food, however to grow food that’s SuperFood for the human body!
With Jeremy’s background and everyone’s ability to understand agriculture from the ground up, Jeremy, Thomas, & Susan started a business, Reap & Sow Foods, to grow food on one acre of property to simply collect cultivation data on many different crops. This started such a buzz in the community and they soon realized that the idea of super market farm development was obtainable!
Now Reap & Sow Foods has turned into Kalo Farms, which is focused on connecting the next generation to SuperFood & agriculture, starting from the ground up through SuperMarket Farm development and strategic partnerships!

About the Company

(Mission) Kalo Farms plans & is currently working towards becoming the premiere SuperMarket Farm Development Company for now and into the future! Our SuperFocus is to provide SuperNatural methods of production influencing the super soil underneath our feet via soil activation providing individual SuperFood products, SuperFood packs, and SuperFresh meals. lunches, and snacks via e-commerce, that meet the body’s need for cellular & physical support while being the logistical support as much as possible to provide fast & timely SuperFood products to our local communities & communities beyond!

This strategy allows Kalo Farms to provide many different types of Super products & Super services that assist & build the local communities that it is involved with!

(Purpose) Kalo Farms purpose is to reestablish the mindset of regenerative agriculture to our local communities to change one person, one family, & once community at a time through agriculture, education, nutrition, & ecology restoration! This provides SuperFood for a SuperYou! 

(Values) What Kalo Values For You: (please split into two columns)

  • Family
  • Health
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Diligence
  • Perseverance
  • Discipline
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Creativity
  • Contribution
  • Courage

About the SuperFarms Team:

Jeremy Roth
Jeremy is the best fit for SuperMarket Farm development & expansion as he has extensive knowledge & experience when it comes to soils, cultivation, and how that interacts with the environment. The vision of Kalo came to him after he was reading his two SuperKids, Jonah & Zoey story books on many different topics. He realized all of their books did not teach them skills that they could use in their every day lives. Over the last 2 to 3 years he’s been collecting data on market farm development and realized that a storyline needed to be created from the ground and up for agriculture, nutrition, and many other areas of interest that impacts our society in a big way! At the same time he knew the concept of market farm development centers becoming the new grocery stores wouldn’t move forward unless there was someone or something special being a guide for Kalo. That’s why he created Kalo the Koala. Since koala’s symbolize many positive attributes internationally, Jeremy knew this would be a hit for all ages!  Here is a little about him…
  • Current Director of Sales for Nature’s Force Organics
  • Over 15 Years experience in Agronomy
  • Over 12 years experience managing, maintaining, constructing, & overseeing private & resort golf course properties throughout the USA.
  • Over 12 years experience in managing & directing staffs of 30 or more employees
  • Over 2 years experience in agricultural warehouse management
  • B.S. Degree of Agronomy, Mississippi State University
  • Currently has a very successful Hemp CBD online business with his wife

“I see that in order for our agriculture system to thrive it is paramount that we work with Nature to allow our communities and families a sustainable future. This allows our basic necessities for daily living to be produced from an agriculture system that sees Nature as a friend and companion to guide us to a higher level of living personally, spiritually, mentally, and physically which in turn holds others to a higher standard of living as well!”

Katie Roth
Katie has extensive experience in customer service & open ended communication! She has close to 20 years experience as a dental hygienist. Katie is a huge asset to Kalo as she can help strengthen the word of mouth advertising for the company, great at helping to focus new & existing ideas, & has a SuperPresence about her!
“We want to provide a better future for our children to help them understand nutrition & agriculture in a fun & engaging way that will last for generations!”

Blair Betts Ray
Over the last several years Blair has been able to create and sustain a super successful meals to go business in Charleston, MO, Meals That Matter. She realized that in order to expand she needed help in a super big way! Well after a couple of years of talking we finally joined forces allowing Blair to still be able to give a part of the proceeds to her cause of choice and at the same time oversee all of Kalo’s SuperFresh Kitchens!

“It’s all about the kids! I love that Kalo is focused on the current and next generations to educate the importance of agriculture & nutrition to how that impacts our daily living in the healthiest ways possible!”

Richard Bock
  • BS – Agricultural Business – Horticulture and Turf Management – Southeast Missouri State University
    • 3 years – Student work – University Greenhouses – Propagation, sales, delivery and account maintenance
    • 3 years – Horticulture Club President – Recruitment, orientation, fundraising and departmental relations
    • 2 years – Delta Tau Gamma – Agronomic Honor Society – Student Senate Representative
  • Over 10 years experience in golf course management to include Dalhousie Golf Club(MO), Sandia Resort(NM), The Woodlands Country Club(TX), The University of Texas Golf Club(TX) and JC Resorts & Golf(CA)
  • Over 10 years experience overseeing a staff of 15+ guiding them in daily task assignment and leading project management
  • 8 years – irrigation operation using reclaimed water and certified liaison for property in TX and CA

“Kalo offers me the chance to make a positive impact on lives & potentially change the perception of food supply.”

Brittany Kennedy

  • Over 5 years experience in the daily operational activities in a manufacturing setting
  • Experience in sales & marketing for the manufacturing industry
  • Experience in daily meal preparation for her two boys

“I’m excited to become a part of a company that is cultivating a new meaning to organic produce. Kalo offers fresh produce with extended shelf life using a new innovative approach when growing, producing organic in its absolute purest form. Truly raising the bar, making fresh a convenient everyday option for a healthier lifestyle.”

Thomas Roth

  • Over 40 years experience in day to day operational activities of a manufacturing plant
  • Over 3 years experience in developing many aspects of market farm development

Susan Roth

  • Over 10 years experience as a cook overseeing all operational structure for a local school network
  • Currently serves the disabled within a home health network
  • Over 15 years experience within a cardiovascular health network