Kalo Food Pack Example

You can expect to have SuperFood in multiple varieties all year long!
An example includes:

Cherry Tomatoes
2- Bags of loose leaf Lettuce
1- Band of Kale
1- Band of Carrots
1- Band of Asian Spinach or Bok Asian
1- Bag of Spinach
2- Bags of loose leaf Lettuce or 2- Bags of Chinese Cabbage
1- Banded Bundle of Beets
1- Band of Scallions
1- Herb Assortment Pack:  Dill, Parsley, Fennel, Rosemary, Cilantro

*This is an example of a weekly food pack. You can purchase Kalo SuperFood Packs, weekly or monthly!
You an expect to have SuperFood in multiple varieties all year long! Other SuperItems from other local producers will come onto our site as we move forward!

**Weekly = 1 Pre-Scheduled Drop-Off, $30 savings if bought individually as food items ($59.99)
Monthly = Weekly Pre-Scheduled Drop-offs, $60 savings if bought weekly instead & over $100 savings if bought individually as food items ($199.00)
***Individual Food Items can be purchased separately after a weekly or monthly Kalo SuperFood option is selected!
Kalo SuperFresh meal, lunch, & snack options can be purchased separately by not having to purchase a Kalo SuperFood Pack!
****All pre-scheduled drop-offs will be arranged with each individual, family, or business via email & text!

(All prices are subject to change)

June 1st is our anticipated date to start receiving our Kalo SuperFood Packs. Please call us at: 573-382-7327 or check us out on Facebook for announcements pertaining to the availability of the food packs.

“Kalo Farms realizes that SuperFood not lacking in minerals, plant enzymes, and nutrients is the future for bio-nutrition in every aspect of every society globally. We believe many are disconnected from growing their own food or where to obtain high quality food in abundance. Kalo Farms is creating massive food resources in urban and rural areas, to protect against food security risk. That’s why Kalo SuperFood Packs contain SuperFood in abundance. It will contain SuperFood for spring, summer, fall, and winter to meet our body’s nutritional needs. You can expect all year long to have multiple varieties of over 30 different crops.”

(All crop quantities are subject to change due to unforeseen weather events or natural disasters)