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A Limited One Time Membership Fee (Phase 1)

• $199.00 (monthly payment, this gives you 4 –5 pick-ups per month. Depending on the number of weeks per month).
• Monthly payment of $199.00 will not begin until May 15th, 2019 or as late as May 31st, 2019.
• 2 Free Months of the “Basic Monthly food package for personal use.
• 2 Free Months of the “Basic Monthly food package to share.

Additional Items for Members Only:

These items may change due to the availability of the season

  • All Phase 1 members who purchase a $499 membership will receive 2 months free product after they have been a monthly member for 6 consecutive months;
  • This can be used anytime over the next 6 calendar months or before the end of their 1st full year as a member;
  • Any of the 2 free months can be donated by using a Kalo Cares coupon to gift others.

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